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A Dad, wonderer and a writer.

Born in England and educated in the United Kingdom, Spencer Hawke started traveling as a young boy seeking adventure. At 21, he took off with a friend for Africa and crossed the continent North to South through the Sahara, sometimes on foot, as their old Land Rover did not want to travel as far as they did. He spent quite some time holed up in an abandoned French Foreign Legion outpost, called Fort Mirabelle, in the middle of the desert in Algeria, where they stayed until the engine was repaired - lots of cold desert nights watching camp fires in the distance and not knowing who was friend or foe is a great catalyst for an over-active imagination. Eight months later, having dodged many conflicts and machine-gun-toting patrols, the pair rolled into South Africa bound for Australia, determined to swim the coral of the Great Barrier Reef. But fate had a different plan for Hawke. In Johannesburg he met a Brazilian girl who professed undying love for the young Brit. He changed his ticket and flew off to Rio de Janeiro in search of the beauty. Once in Rio, she was nowhere to be found. Short on funds, he stayed and got a job with General Motors in Sao Paulo. Eight years and two children later, he had accumulated enough money to take off again for what he thought his final destination. Landing in Oklahoma in the middle of the 1980's oil boom, he and his children made a home in Oklahoma City. Today he is raising another gift from God, Grandson Devon, who is already a chip off the old block -- an avid adventurer.

My Books

Arrows of Islam Book 1

A play by his own rules Mossad agent is pulled into a web of lies and intrigue involving Iran, Russia and a secret society sworn to protect the United States for more then 200 years.